Olipporu is the eighth movie of Fahad Fazil to be released this year. This much hyped and expected movie finally hit the theaters today. But unfortunately, the movie has not turned out well and disappoints!
Ajayan (Fahad Fazil), is an ardent blogger. He makes things happen just by being online. The movie is all about him - his life and death. Few bloggers who are active on blog and social networking sites decide to organise an exclusive show in Bangalore. The main coordinator of the show is famous in the blog as Olipporali.

In the final rehearsal when everyone arrives, Olipporali alone fails to reach the place. All others wait for him for a long time. Then they realise that they have very little information about the whereabouts of Olipporali. They find themselves in a dilemma.
All the other coordinators who write blogs in the names of Clutch, Gear, Break, Vani and Pachakuthira are very tensed due to the absence of Olipporali for the final rehearsal of the show. Meanwhile, Olipporali meets with an accident on his way to the show and goes into a coma. The intriguing events that unfold are told in an engaging manner by AV Sasidharan in Olipporu.


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