Coming after the movie 'Ordinary', director Sugeeth is once gain trying to repeat the charms that he has paced before the viewers through his first film. But the effect is no just the same , as a  wandering story line and not that fine execution in the later half takes the intended charm out of '3 Dots'. But this does not make the movie a tedious affair and may help it to carry on with the needed collections at the Box Office window, if marketed well.

The movie has Prathap Pothen, Kunchakko Boban and Biju Menon as Pappn, Vishu and Louie who landed up in the same cell in the  jail  for different reasons. While Vishnu is a pickpocket, Louie was an Quotation gang leader and Pappan , a bank employee who met with a financial scandal following his illegal  relationship with a lady. As the three some is having a dejected life inside the jail, arrives Dr Issac Samuel,(Narein) a criminal psychologist who is in a mission to correct the mindsets of jail inmates with his inspirational speeches. Following his prescriptions, the threesome decides to start a fresh life away from their criminal aspirations. And once they are out of the jail sentence, they meet the doctor who helps them to start a playschool. Vishnu also starts running an ambulance, while Louie takes the job of a tutor in a driving school, run by Grace(Anjana Menon), who is also their neighbour. Vishnu instantly develops a liking for Lekshmy(Janani Aiyer)who comes up as a teacher in their playschool while Louie is all after Grace who is a widow with a child.

As they are passing through some of their best days in their life, Dr Issac Samuel is found in a desolated mental state as his divorce proposal is pending before the courts. He is not even allowed to visit his only son who is studying in a posh school of the locality. The threesome, who wants to give something back to their  mentor , now decides to kidnap the child from the school, as they are convinced that this act will somehow help the doctor to delay his divorce and get hold of the child. The kid, Mathaichan is a gem of a child who instantly develops friendship with the three, now enjoying underground at a beautiful locale at krishnagiri, Munnar. What happens next follows the plot of the movie.

The highlight of the movie is a relatively fresh storyline, which has got its share of astute surprises and twists waiting for you. Maybe, you have spotted something like this in some hit Tamil movies, but there are no forced attempts of any big melodrama. The feel good movie is carved out with fine technical standards, carried over from their last big hit "ordinary'. The threesome in the lead , Kunchakko Boban, Biju Menon and Prataap Pothen definitely have a cakewalk through their roles which doesn't but demand heavy acting from them. But the lion's share of applauds are taken by Biju Menon who comes up with something interesting to make you laugh  in every scenes. Of the ladies, Anjana is fine while Janani just manages to be a beautiful face.
But the real pitfalls are that after much wastage of time in the former half, expecting something big to popup later, the movie hardly thrills when the thriller elements are on place. Some of the portions in the climax appear to have been done half heartedly. Moreover, attempts to make an action hero out of Kunchakko Boban also fails in the climax fight. '3 Dots' is also a bit overlong at 2 hours and 40 minutes.

But the cinematography by Faisal Ali, songs by Vidya sagar and their bright picturisations, and interesting BG scores helps the movie to manage itself as a colorful entertainer. Though not anywhere in the league of their last hit, this '3 Dots' can be advised for an onetime watch for families , for its clean gags and one-liners.



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