Mass Movie Director Vysakh and Janapriya Nayakan Dileep Joining First Time for a Malayalam Movie ” Sound Thoma “. Sound Thoma is Written by Benny P Nayarambalam. Namitha Pramod Is The Heroine of The Movie ” Sound Thoma “. Financially Sound But, Is The Caption Of The Movie Sound Thoma.
Sound Thoma Is Produced by Anoop (Brother Of Dileep) Under The Banner Priyanjali Films and Releasing On 5th April 2013. Sound Thoma Starring Dileep, Mukesh, Namitha Pramod, Nedumudi Venu, Saikumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Shiju etc
.Director Vysakh, who has already completed a hat trick of hits, continues with his penchant for creating, racy, colourful movies. And the result is that his latest 'Sound Thoma' which has a very surprising character of Dileep with a cleft lip, is sure to qualify as another family entertainer that will be applauded by the vacation audience. Dileep is Thoma in the movie, the younger son of Plaparambil Paulo (Saikumar) who is the richest man in the village but known more for his greedy and miserly ways. Thoma was born with a cleft lip, but his tightfisted father didn't allow the doctors to do the corrective operations to save any unnecessary expenditure. And when he turned an youngster, Thoma became the object of mockery for the entire villagers for his baffling sound and diction which   didn't even allow him to spell some difficult alphabets.
Paulo , who is also a shrewd businessman, is hoping to make a lot of money from the marriage market with his three sons. But his eldest Mathew(Mukesh) has already married a poor Muslim girl and is thrown own of the plaparambil house. Now Poulo is pinning his hops on the other two, Joy and Thoma.  Thoma is madly in love with his childhood sweetheart Aswathy(Namitha Pramod), an RJ in a FM channel and  the daughter of a local musician (Vijayaraghavan).But the girl hardly likes Thoma, as she is expecting some one with a fine sound to be her match. With the arrival of a new sub inspector named Rakesh, who also has got some old accounts to settle with Paulo, things takes a different turn. How Thoma manages to create a better image for his  father and his family and how he gets over his deformities forms the rest of the plot.
At heart, Sound Thoma  is a love story, but Vysakh sprinkles the plot with ingredients that are synonymous to entertainment. Also, this wild-ride is smartly paced, with one episode following another in quick succession, even with the average script from Benny P Nayarambalam. The extended scenes just before interval and the pre- climax  is wisely picturised which stands for the finesse of the director and  remains ss the backbone of the entire flick. Apart from the stylish making, the other explanation why 'Sound Thoma  works sporadically and intermittently is courtesy Dileep, who carries off the part of a bonehead with effortless ease. It is the uncanny performance from Dileep which is the real highlight of the entire movie. He is immensely likable though in a unglamourous role and manages to reap our sympathies right away. Following his Kunjikoonan,&  'Chandupottu' the actor  appends incredible value and weightage to the intense character he depicts. His presence illuminates every sequence that he emerges in and compels you to esteem the actor with amazement. Namitha Pramod is gorgeous and enact her parts well. Saikumar is again wonderful in a role that we often seen him while Suraj returns as dimwit and tries to recreate his magic again.
Vysakah is ably supported by his regular technical crew composing of Mahesh Narayanan in editing and Shaji behind the camera. The racy editing and shots also have some excellent choreography by Shobin Paulraj and fine songs like 'Thoma style' by Gopi Sundar. His BG scores are often over the top but is effective in most of the scenes.
'Sound Thoma' definitely  serves the purpose of keeping you entertained in those two hours and 33 minutes. With no preventions of rewriting the rules of the game, it's like choosing fast food from one of those popular joints. Aimed at the masses and not the inflexible critics, 'Sound Thoma'  ends up as an enjoyable comic caper with adequate moments to keep you in your seats.
Rating -6.75/10


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