Emmanuel (Mammooty),  a middle aged family man, the gentle, soft hearted, ‘paavam’ types with whom you can’t find any fault. He loses his job and is forced to go out into the open and compete against the ‘new generation’ people. Lal Jose paints the picture of an Insurance Company on his canvas where Emmanuel gets a job to make ends meet. His interactions in his day to day work hours with people from all walks of life, the attitude of peers, the competitive and ‘quick cash’ minded mentality of the current crop of work  force is thrown out into the light for all to see.
Fahadh Fazil cuts the role of the ambitious ‘target’ oriented Branch head manager who is only bothered of making sure he gets a promotion at the end of each of his term. It is a different character from his previous ones and he does fairly well.

As we sit through the movie, we get to see on one hand the good nature of Emmanuel and his ambitions to bring a good living standard to his life. On the other hand, we get a window into the life of an average family man in Kerala who dreams and hopes to achieve them one day.
It does have the odd humor, not much of music and is powerfully drawn by the acting of Mammooty. One’s heart goes out when Sukumari amma comes on screen, R.I.P. Mughda was probably the least impressive especially initially but later on she grew in with her attire and appearances.
There is a strong emphasis on the attitude of the current youth and hence I doubt this movie would attract much attention from them. I prefer to include people of my age group to be lost amongst the previous gen and the current ‘new gen’. To get into that would be another post in itself 

              It is not exactly a weekend chill out movie. Watch it for Mammootty’s prowess and if you need a reality check

My rating: 6/10


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