Martin Prakkat, who debuted as director with Mammootty's Best Actor, has 
teamed with his son Dulquar Salman and a few new faces for his second directorial venture ABCD (American Born Confused Desi), which has hit the marquee this Friday. The movie is out-and-out laugh riot with fine performances and rich production values. With this film, Dulquar is sure to set a new style statement. ABCD is a beautiful romance comedy entertainment with all masala stuff to impress the mass. Dulquar and Jacob's brilliant performances are the main highlights of the film. Sooraj-Neeraj's interesting story, Martin's engaging narration, Gopi Sunder's music, Jomon T John's camera work, beautiful artwork and locales and trendy costumes and makeups are its other attractions. Some illogical and over-the-top comedy scenes are its drawbacks.
 The movie narrates the journey of two American Malayalees to their motherland - Kerala. ABCD brings out their dilemmas in the unfamiliar circumstances in a very hilarious way. The story is quite interesting and Martin Prakkat has a very good grip on the narration of the whole show. With a few comedy scenes and funny-one-liners, the director keeps you engaged in the film till its end.
 Johns (Dulquar Salman) is born and brought up in America, he leads a luxurious life. But some unprecedented events lead him to leave for his motherland Kerala. His cousin Kora (Jacob Gregory) also accompanies him. Soon Johns becomes a star among his relatives here with his foreign attire and gentle behaviour. How he behaves in some unfamiliar circumstances have been brought in humorous way should be watched on screen.
                           Rating: 3.0/5


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