Arun Kumar Aravind's latest directorial venture Left Right Left (LRL) is one of the most-talked about Malayalam movies of 2013. The promos of the movie have created a big debate in the political arena. Fitting to its pre-release hype, the movie has a hard-hitting tale, which is thought provoking and sure to start serious debate on the topic that it deals with.
Left Right Left is a social drama, which deals with radical subject and is also high on entertainment quotient. The relatable story and lead actors' performance are the two biggest strengths of the movie. Gopi Sunder's music and background score and Shehnad Jalaal's cinematography are its other highlights. The biggest drawback of the film is dragging narration.
The movie picks few characters who represent our society and chronicles their troubled lives emotional evolution as individuals. They pass through a spate of traumatic events in childhood and adolescence, that ultimately shape their personalities and outlooks. While focusing on these character, the film also throws light on a few recent political developments in the state.
Set in three different periods like 70s, 80s and 90s, the story revolves around three persons. Any person can relate the story with his or her own life. The Sub Inspector of Police, KP Jayachandran (Indrajith), Roy Joseph (Murali Gopi), who is an ordinary man brought up in an orphanage and his wife Anita (Lena), Jennifer (Remya Nambeesan), who is a nurse are some of these characters selected randomly from our society.




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