Manju Warrier is the talk of the town these days, and again she is back with a new one. This time the news says that Manju has aborted her second baby without the consent of her husband and actor Dileep. 

Manju and Dileep loved each other and got married without the support from their family. Their love story was the talk of the town then. Manju even stopped her film career after marriage and declared that she wanted to enjoy her familyhood. Dileep said that he had no issues in her coming back to her career.
But Manju kept back.

Suddenly news just popped out about Dileep-Manju Warrier divorce, and Manju's coming back as an artist, not through film but an advertisement for the Kalyan Jewellers. Again it filled the columns as she was to act along with Amitabh Bachchan. Then she started her own blog and it fetched her lakhs of followers in a day, which was a news again.

The news has been reported in Mangalam, in the column written by Pallissery, which says Manju Warrier did not want a child, but was forced by Dileep. They got a girl then. Later Manju became pregnant again as Dileep wanted another child. But this time, Manju is said to have done an abortion without the consent of Dileep, who could not take this. It is reported that now Manju stays at her home in Thrissur and that a family director is cooking hard to get them separated to make her come back in the industry.


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